Game of Disguises — Aucky Boys

Ritanjali Hastir, Associate Editor, 23rd June, 2017, Shimla

Students of Auckland House School for Boys from Classes Nursery to Second presented a great fancy dress show during the fancy dress competition held here today in the school.

Theme for various classes included cartoon characters, national heroes, fairy tales characters, seasons, media and machines to name.

Students placed their best foot forward as they presented a show full of creativity as well as confidence.

Children were disguised as Superman, Indira Gandhi, Subash Chander Bose, rainy season, ice cream, Rapunzel, Cinderella, pirate, Modi, reporters and health food to name a few.

Each child was full of confidence and with their cute and adorable performance won hearts of judges.

The day ended on a happy note with winners being awarded with a certificate of merit.

Fancy Dress Competition Results

Nursery A: I   Sujoy B Yashveer; II  Akansh Sharma; III Roy B Verma

Nursery B: I   Riolit Mahajan; II  Rayansh Thakur; III  Rajvansh Thakur

LKG A: I   Jahaan Jaswal; II  Trijal Singh; III Dakit Chauhan

LKG B: I   Ashaan Rohta; II  Shauryaveer Dhillon; III Akshaj Chauhan

UKG A: I   Vardasav Shyam &  Atharv Uppal; III  Reyansh Sharma

UKG B: I   Samarth Gupta; II  Himanshu Thakur; III Reyaansh Dogra

I A: I   Aman Verma; II  Saavir Jainaik; III Sambhav Jain

I B: I   Arsh Kapoor; II  Saksham Sood; III Aarav Sharma

II A: I   Shaurya Dulta; II  Sanat Verma; III Dhruv Thakur

II B: I   Jai Gupta; II  Yajat Chauhan; III Rakshan Bhardwaj

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