HPS Annual Concert Wins Hearts — 2017

Ritanjali Hastir, Associate Editor, 7th October, 2017, Shimla

Annual Days are the best days in school life of any individual. It is the right time to shine and give glimpse of what possibility a child holds in future if one considers it with great care.

Students of Himalayan Public School, Kaithu, also exhibited a great show as they celebrated their Annual Day today, in the Kalibari Hall, Shimla. The event stared by welcoming of the Chief Guest Prof. Girija Sharma, Dean of Studies, Himachal Pradesh University.

Annual Report read by the School Principal Bandana Goswami highlighted the academic achievements of the students along with other significant events that took place in the school.

Students exhibited great stage performance as they presented a cultural programme right from Nati dance to celebrate women empowerment. They also exhibited great physical strength as they gave glimpse into the benefits of Yoga.

The musical performance by Bhuvan spell bounded all by transporting them into a new land.

Students of junior classes also exhibited great acting skill as they performed a small skit to highlight the significance of keeping the environment clean and living in harmony with all creatures of the world as they all are beautiful creation of God.

Sharma appreciated the concert and wished for the further development of the school as she said that over the years this school has come a long way. It is capable enough to compete with many other good schools in the town.

The day ended on a happy note as every face had a bright similes. Satisfaction was quiet evident on the part of performers as well as spectators. (MORE VIDEOS)


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