Keekli Opens Doors to Open Spaces: Missing Parks & Playgrounds In Shimla

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Keekli Team, 12th May, 2017, Shimla

KEEKLIEvent120717 (54)Keekli Newspaper in association with National Award Winning Filmmaker Vivek Mohan and media partner HW, organised an Inter School Declamation and Slogan Writing Competition on the burning and relevant issue of lack of playgrounds for children in the capital town of Shimla.

KEEKLIEvent120717 (361)As many as eleven schools participated in the event which was co judged by Chief Guest DAG Vinay Sharma, Arjuna Awardee Suman Rawat and Filmmaker Vivek Mohan. The chief guest for the event was Deputy Advocate General Vinay Sharma, a big supporter of social causes and a great actor and mime artist. The morning started with a brief introduction about the lack of playing areas in the capital town of Shimla and how that has been adversely affecting the growing years of our children.

KEEKLIEvent120717 (10)The speakers from the schools were then invited to present their views on the topic Parks/Playgrounds in Shimla for Children – Indifferent Attitude of the Administration. A total of twenty one speakers presented their views both in Hindi as well as English. The children brought about some pertinent points in their speeches which highlighted the apathy of the administration towards the problem and a genuine plea to resolve the issue. The children scored high on their content and confidence.

Riya Saran, Portrmore School – “For endless rides and fun, for endless rides and fun and to train in the Sun, come without a holiday visit your nearby parks today. Shimla has abundant natural beauty to take away daily stress. It has parks like Hip Hip Hurray, Botanical Garden and Indira Tourist Park where children love to pay visits but question is are these parks sufficient and well constructed. The answer is “NO”. We have Jhansi Park a great park to play but from past two years the renovation is continuing leaving an interrogative mark weather park was constructed with cheap material previously. Administration should provide with parks for us all so also enjoy every aspect.”

सुशांतिका पोर्टमोर .. वैसे तो आगे बढ़ रहा है मेरा हिन्दुस्तान डिजिटल बन रहा है मेरा हिन्दुस्तान, दिन प्रतिदिन विकास कर रहा है मेरा हिंदुस्तान पर अफसोस जिन बच्चो के कंधे पर नीव है इस देश की उन्हें खेल के मैदान भी उपलध ना करवा पा रहा है यह प्रशासन  I जब छोटा बचा खेलता है तो चाहे उसके कितना भी मन पसंद खाना क्यू न बना हो वह बोलता है बस कुछ मिनिट और माँ बस कुछ देर और I  यह बहुत ही दुःख की बात है के बच्चो को गाडगेस्ट से खेलने पर मजबूर किया जा रहा है और उनको नशे की लत भी लगते जा रही है क्युकी उनके पास और कोई साधन नहीं है I

चाहत, जसीबी  पब्लिक  स्कूल .. भगवान् ने इस संसार कीरचना ही खेल खेल में की है तो हमे यह हक किसने दिया की हम किसी की खेलने की हक क साथ समझौता करे I हम लोग बचपन से सुनते आ रहे है के बच्चो के लिए खेल के मैदान बनाइये जाएंगे I यह बहुत हे दुर्भागय के बात है के राजदहनी शिमला में खेलना का एक भी मैदान नहीं है I शिमला में सबने बच्चो को झड़ी में गेंद ढूँढ़ते हुए जरूर देखा होगा और कई माये तो अपने बछोक को गिरने के दर से बहार जाने भी नहीं देती जिसके चलते वह सब खेलने के लिए समय ही नहीं दे पते I कुछ मैदान है जो किसी संसाथ से या निजी विद्यलाओ से समभंद रखते है I चैल   का मैदान भी बच्चो के पहुँच से बहार है I माता पिता भी अब जानते है की शारारिक विकास जरूरी है I जो वह किताबो से नै सीख पाते वह खेल खेल में सीख जाते है I

Suman Rawat

“I wonder from where the contradiction arose? You people say that you don’t have playgrounds but I say we don’t have children willing to play. Even I grew up in the same circumstances and still it was because of my hard work and dedication I managed to make my place in the sports field. No one taught me to practice on road I did it myself and even went to school early so that I could use the playground for my practice.”

“Pointing fingers is very easy but I must say even if we give you all an opportunity to play none of you will turn up for playing in the morning. You all need to focus and work hard rather than blame the government for not providing you all with playgrounds. She further stated that the General Knowledge of Every Participant Was Zero and claimed that the city has sufficient grounds to play”.

Vinay Sharma

“Voice of children is not heard because, you not the VOTE BANK and had it been the case all the politicians would have came forward with their folded hands to support your cause. Suman Madam discouraged you all a lot but I must say that you all have the RIGHT TO PLAY. Government has ample of spaces to build concrete structures but not for children’s playground. I must say they should be allowed to play at Ridge in morning and there is no harm in it when PM’s rally can be allowed why not them?”

“I will fully support the cause and raise the issue to CM and try to convince him even if children are not the vote bank as of now but they will be in the near future and for once their voice too should be heard and supported.”

J.R. Nanda

“Shimla was a beautiful town and each house had a proper tennis court attached to it. As time passed our TCP department without considering blindly allowed renovation of old dhajji wall houses and people expanded and built more buildings. British people were wise and knew about the importance of playgrounds and hence they had planned parks and playgrounds for them.”

Click here to Watch the Students Speak

KEEKLIEvent120717 (100)This was followed by the slogan writing competition. The slogans had been prepared before hand and it was definitely a tough task to choose the best among the rest.

Speaking on the occasion our guests came up with different perspectives and showed us the two sides of the same coin. Suman Rawat pointed out the practical problems faced by the administration in dealing with the issue of parks and playgrounds in the town. At the same time she reiterated that the authorities were keen to work on the issue.

KEEKLIEvent120717 (128)DAG Vinay Sharma and Vivek Mohan, both pointed out how children should be our priority and all efforts must be made to carry forward this key issue. On a personal note Vinay Sharma added that he would definitely contribute his bit to the cause and ensure that the voice of the children reaches the authorities. J R Nanda, the true Samaritan of Shimla, rightly pointed out that the problem had plagued the town for years together now and it was time that the children of today do not face the same problems that were once faced by their parents or even grandparents.

Videos of our Guests Speaking

KEEKLIEvent120717 (361)After a fruitful and thought provoking discussion on the matter the winners for the morning were announced and prizes were given away followed by honouring of the guests and vote of thanks by Keekli Editor Vandana Bhagra who closed on a hopeful note that this initiative is just a beginning and the movement will surely see fruitful results in the near future.

The winners

English Declamation

First: Anmolika Sood, DAV New Shimla

Second: Riya Saran, Portmore

Third: Mrinal Joshi, Swaran Public School

Hindi Declamation

First: Aakrit Sharma, DAV New Shimla

Second: Sashantika, Portmore

Third: Chahat, JCB Public School

Consolation: Megha Jasmal, Swaran Public School

Slogan Writing

First:  “Ground not around Can’t play with my friends abound”- Aastha Dangi (DAV New Shimla)

Second: “ Parks are gone, Roads are on” – Sneha Thakur (St Thomas School)

Third: “Jeevan ke vikas ka adhaar hai dhaan, Sharirik vikas ke zarurat hai maidaan”- Prasidhi (KV Jakhoo)

List of Participants – English Declamation, Hindi Declamation and Slogan Writing:

Chapslee School: Gitanshi Bhardwaj, Sachin Verma, Devanshi Sharma

Laureate Public School: Mohit, Apurva Jhagta

KV Jakhoo: Aarushi, Shruti Dhiman, Prasidhi

Himalyan Public School: Parul, Rachna, Mehak and Ravjot

JCB Khalini: Pratiksha, Chahat, Tanushree

St Edwards: Aryan Rashpa

Portmore: Riya Saran, Sushantika, Urvashi

Swaran Public School: Mrinal Joshi, Megha Jaswal, Priyanka Sharma

St Thomas: Anjali, Neha, Sneha Thakur

Auckland House Girls: Navya Tegta, Sharlene, Kanishka Negi

DAV New Shimla: Anmolika Sood, Aakrit Sharma, Astha Dangi

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