Love through Generations — Euro Kids Beguile Grandparents

Ritanjali Hastir, Associate Editor, 29th July, 2017, Shimla

The very old and the very young have something in common that makes it right that they should be left alone together. Dawn and sunset see stars shining in a blue sky. It’s no secret that kids thrive when they have meaningful conversations with caring adults but in our busy world, it’s not easy to find way to make this happen.

Thoughtful staff members of Euro Kids New Shimla, considering the significance of the day celebrated Grandparents’ Day at Hotel Holiday Home, thereby making the bond between the young and old stronger.

Celebration of the day began by welcoming students’ grandparents by School Principal Ravine Singh and her staff members.

During her welcome speech the Principal made everyone aware about the history of the day and encouraged them all to keep their bond of love and care always strong. She also applauded their roles in inculcating good moral and ethical values.

Students of the school including Yuvraj, Bhavya, Samaira, Arihan, Atiksh, Uplasksh, Prakhar, Sonam, Harshita, Virat, Aradhya and Anvi to name a few presented a cultural program where they danced to the tunes of songs like ‘Itne se Hasi’ and ‘Grandma-Grandpa you know that I love you’. They also recited a beautiful poem “Grandma’s and Gradpa’s are Everything Nice” and “Grandma Darling Today Is For You.”

The morning got more exciting as various games like passing the parcel game, couple dance with ball, ramp walk and a medley dance performance was presented by School staff, which included all the guests as well.

Grandparents shared their feelings and experiences with their grandchildren. A poem too was presented in honour of children by one of the grandparent.

Special awards were given to Brig. B.S. Sain as Grand King; Amita Bamba as Grand Queen; Dr. K.L. Gupta Charismatic Grand Pa; Sangita Malhotra Charismatic Grand Ma and Mr. and Mrs. Ajay Sood for being Enthusiastic couple.

The day ended on a happy note where everyone was high on emotions and thanked God by counting their blessings.

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