Keekli Bureau, September, 2019, Shimla

The morning of 9th September saw the Bedian Girls geared up for one energetic session organized by the College’s Health Club, and spearheaded by special visitors to the campus –Vasundhara Sharma, a Zumba fitness programmer and Bindu Khanna Sood, both alumni. The duo made the girls understand about the importance and necessity of fitness, as they taught few familiar exercises, along with the steps of Zumba. They also emphasized on the post workout regime and how Zumba promotes positivity in one’s self.

The morning was not just about few exercises and jumping to the beat of rhythm, more importantly it was about a school girl, who became a woman to fall prey to the hardships of the society. Meet Bindu Khanna Sood, a very strong minded woman who wanted to live a fairy tale story, but life had different plans. Taking a bold step and talking about her journey, she inspired the girls present to never ever ever give up in life, no matter what the circumstances.

Addressing the college girls Bindu said, “It takes time to create a better, stronger version of yourself. Fitness is not only a mantra, but it is a way of life. I strongly believe that you need to look after your body.”

Being candid she said, “I have personally tackled many problems, be it physically or mentally, and many a times I felt victimised too. I am here to share my transformation from a fit to a fat and back to a fit person. After marriage my life has been a rollercoaster ride. A patient of rheumatic arthritis, spinal injuries and two major surgeries, which led to severe depression, I have experienced them all. It was a big decision in my life when I took charge, from being an ‘option’ to being a ‘priority’. I joined a gym three years back, which was a tough period for me, but the best decision taken by me at that time. This is what my education taught me – never give up!”

She further added that she was standing there amidst the girls as ma’am Nandini Pathania believed in her and her trainer Vasundra helped her gain confidence and fitness. “Will power and fitness has got me here. Fitness does not depend on just what you eat, but also what you hear, think and indulge in, she concluded.”

Being an inspiration to so many can be so easy, but living the journey to reach that milestone is worth every step.


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