Kushi Jathanna, Class 8; Deens Academy School, Bengaluru

Hey there! I am a human of the age thirteen and my daily dose of anger on a scale of 1 to 10 (were 1 is a bird pooped on your newly washed car angry and 10 is a drunk man bumped into your newly bought car angry.) is a 5.5.

What’s yours?

Now denying the fact that you get angry, trust me, wont work. Everybody gets angry you may be a one, six or a ten, it all counts as anger. Now, getting angry is bad, that is what we are always told. But what I think is too much of it is harmful not bad. What may be bad is the way you take the anger out. Keeping the anger in is never ever healthy. It is like trying to block an active volcano from erupting. So, I have a couple of tips and tricks by which we can express our anger in a proper manner.

Make your way from one to ten. This should give you time to calm yourself down. According to me this helps you calm down and also reason with yourself if the anger is necessary. Also, there are no issues if you hit a 30 or a 100 as long as you remember to count.

Write or draw what you feel
I have personally found it easier to write or draw, generally scribble, down what I feel. This helps me channel all that rage, all that anger in words, lines or drawings. Writing (my personal fav) is a great way of organizing your thoughts, again it helps you reason your anger, and cools you down.

Waste paper recycle
So, this is one of the most satisfying way to get that annoying anger out. Those sheets of paper that have been used to its fullest, grab one of those. Go to your room and rip that sheet, piece by piece and with each shred get a bit of your anger out. If you don’t want to rip the paper just crumble it then. Crumble it until that anger has erupted out completely.

Just breathe
Generally, I have seen people take in their breathe and out after screaming and yelling at someone when they get angry, possibly because they are exhausted. Seriously, what’s the point of calming yourself down once you have screamed your lungs out. Well instead of wasting that indispensable energy, breathe, take your time. Close your eyes, rest your mind imagine your best time, place or friend that makes you anything but angry. BREATHE!

Right don’t scream at someone, that’s not what I mean. Your getting angry, that hand is pulling into a fist, those eyes are looking at everyone as an enemy. Don’t worry, go to that one spot you go to for some ‘Me Time’ and get that anger out, scream, beat that wall, kick that bin, thump yourself on that chair once satisfied. (In case you don’t have a secret place, no worries go to a beach, an open ground and get that anger out.) Now, this tip is only for ragging anger, that anger where nothing makes sense.

Know that getting angry is completely fine, its normal human behaviour. You, me, we all get angry some or the other time. What matters is, do you know how to express that anger properly? Well now you probably do.


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