Sonia Dogra

So, are we wrestling it out… well, maybe… you never know. As we enter the last leg of our preparation for the Board examinations, we must remember that this is indeed the most important phase. Having overcome our initial hiccups, we are now way ahead in this journey and as in a race this is the time to gear up and put in all the energy you have stored over this period.

Plan Smartly – A good idea is to plan your revision smartly. It is brilliant to start this phase of your revision from the last exam so that you start revising for the first exam about a few days before the date.

Count on your Notes – Ensure that you revise from your notes. There is little chance that you will get a question from outside the text book. So Notes prepared using books will be handy and easy to comprehend at this time. Do not ignore diagrams, tables or graphs.

Do a Time Paper – Yes, it is now time to test your knowledge. Pick up a previous years paper and solve it in the stipulated time of three hours. You will emerge more confident and will understand your weaknesses well.

Go through your list of formulae – Hope your list of formulae, poets, writers etc is ready. Go through it again and again…in your leisure time undertake this activity.

Cut Down on Group Study – Time for group study is practically over. So do your own thing now.

Study Early Mornings – Try to start early in the morning. Distractions are minimal and mind is in a better state to grasp. That way you wind up early as well.

No Time to fall Sick – Eat well and keep your body and mind fit. Any kind of illness is the last thing we want right now.

No Comparisons – Don’t keep comparing your Pre Board marks or your preparation with your peers. Concentrate on your own efforts and don’t be bogged down if you hear of someone ahead of you. Learn to work at your own pace.

On the day of the exam…..

Sleep – This isn’t the time to burn the midnight oil. To give your best get adequate sleep a night before the exam.

Food – Eat moderately before the exam. Avoid heavy meals. At the same time do not skip any meal. In both cases the brain will be overexerted.

Drinks – Avoid caffeine. This means no tea, coffee or Coca Cola. Instead hydrate yourself with water.

Temperature – Be adequately dressed. Stay warm enough to be comfortable while you take the exam.

Arrive Early – This will help you to avoid unnecessary stress in the immediate period before the exam.

Avoid Nervous Students – Avoid speaking to nervous students and absorbing their negative energy.

Carry the Necessary Material – This includes pens, pencils, geometry case, colours etc. Ready the stuff the night before. Knowing you have everything will keep you calm and focussed.

Read Directions – Read the directions given at the top of the question paper.

Read the Questions Carefully – Read each question carefully. Try to answer the question according to the marks allotted to it. Mark a question if you are not sure of the answer and come back to it later on. Do not ponder over it and waste your time.

Focus on Yourself – Do not look around at what others are doing. Concentrate on your own paper and at your own work.

Budget Your Time – Remember you have already done a time paper. So check how much each question counts and answer accordingly. Keep a count of time.

As we wind up this three series write up, we genuinely hope that each one of you benefits from it. Remember examination is more a battle of the mind and if we are strong and determined in the head there is no way we can go wrong. Hoping that all the hard work you put in propels you in a direction where you win hands down. Good luck!


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