Satyapriya Singh, IPS Officer, Inspector General of Police

Women are very complex and multidimensional, and little do we take note of or give them their due credit. In its latest initiative, KEEKLI brings to you different colours of Women and how multifaceted they are. A take on life through their eyes !!! 

  1. How do you define yourself? — Ready to take on any challenge as a professional.
  2. Have you discovered yourself? — I discover a new part of myself each day. The process of discovery is endless, provided one is open to new ideas and experiences.
  3. How do you balance work and life? — I try my best to devote enough time. On some days, it just does not happen. On other days, it does.
  4. A dare quotient (Anything you would dare to do or say)? — I can make a positive difference wherever I am and whatever I do.
  5. Life lessons learnt? — Nothing is impossible. You just have to try harder.
  6. Your driving force? — My family, their encouragement and support.
  7. Success/failure (what it means to you)? — Success is being able to make a difference. Failure is a lesson to try harder next time.
  8. Three things none knows about me? — I am a voracious reader. Music transports me to another plane. Travelling to picturesque but little known places gives me a high.
  9. My most-over used term? — Give it your everything
  10. New things I learnt from my kids? — Chilling out, football.
  11. I love to watch? — My kids playing; my mother cooking; Old Hindi and English movies.
  12. Most recent books? — I finished reading How the BJP Wins by Prashant Jha (Hindustan Times) and Baaz (Anuja Chauhan).
  13. My first thought in the morning? — My good morning hug from my kids.
  14. Fictional place I would love to be in? — Hogwarts (I am a great Harry Potter fan).
  15. Message to peers and my readers? — Have belief in yourself and your abilities. These are your wings for soaring in this world.
  16. Feminism to you is? — Proving that both men and women are individuals, not defined by their gender.
  17. Women empowerment to you means? — Women being in every profession in this world by their choice and not being compared with men at every possible juncture.


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