Loreto Convent Tara Hall

Ritanjali Hastir, Associate Editor, 1st September, 2018, Shimla

Loreto Convent Tara HallAnnual concerts are the much-awaited events in lives of teachers, parents as well as students, as these concerts serve as the litmus test for all. Many of us are not good in studies but that is not where the life for an individual should end and concerts prove to be the gateway to a brand new world; a stepping stone for all by making them aware about their strengths as a dancer, artist, musician or an actor.

Quite a few students of Loreto Convent Tara Hall School, Shimla, grabbed this opportunity as they presented their annual concert here today. The hard work of students and teachers was quiet visible as they presented a play “Chobata” based on a book titled Scandal Point by Manju Jaidka who also graced the occasion with her presence as the chief guest for the evening.

Loreto Convent Tara HallManju is a professor of English at Panjab University, Chandigarh. She has lectured extensively in India and abroad. Apart from academic writing, she has earlier published a novel Spots of Time and a play The Seduction and Betrayal of Cat Whiskers.

The story of the musical play was set in 1892, colonial India. The handsome young ruler of an Indian princely state angers the British rulers by falling in love and eloping with the Viceroy’s daughter. This unusual romance leading to the elopement of 1892 has far-reaching consequences as a child is born with the union of two, who grows up unaware of his lineage but one day, like Oedipus, he discovers the truth and embarks on a journey seeking his roots. There are no records, no documents, no witnesses, no evidence but few stray bits of information and semi-reliable clues that helps him to unveil an incredible tale of his mother’s elopement and its tragic aftermath.

Students till class tenth exhibited a great show as this play touched different cultural shades such as Phari, Punjabi and British Era. This musical was directed by Sarla Kant English teacher of the school.

Everyone enjoyed the show and appreciated the hard work of all, School Principal Sister Nirmla congratulated the staff for their success and requested parents to encourage their children to take part in various activities. (See All Videos)


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