Ritanjali Hastir, Associate Editor, 26th December, 2019

Christmas is the perfect time to celebrate the love of God and family and to create memories that will last forever. Jesus is God’s perfect, indescribable gift. The amazing thing is that not only are we able to receive this gift, but we are able to share it with others on Christmas and every other day of the year.

Residents of Shimla celebrated Christmas with great zeal as the Churches were visited by a number of devotees from all religion proving that India is really a one big happy secular family where each one is united.

The Christ Church, at Ridge and St. Michael Cathedral had both benn decorated and have become a favourite visitors’ destination. Some are seen lighting candles while others are seen taking selfies, the reason may differ but the excitement and festive spirits is just the same among all.

“For me, Christmas is a time to celebrate and contemplate upon the year gone by as we know Christ died to pay for our sins and as humans, knowingly or unknowingly, we always fail him. I take this day as an opportunity to repent for my sins and seek forgiveness from God, who has always been kind to me and is always my strength during difficult times,” says Priya Sebastian, a visitor to Church.

“Shimla is a town with rich British History so for people like me who are interested in architecture, it was a perfect holiday destination. Christmas just added charm to it. Christ Church is an iconic structure and needs no introduction so I feel that God has gifted me an opportunity to visit it during this time,” says Arpita, a tourist from Delhi.

This year after 40 years’ people also got an opportunity to hear the Church Bells ring that took people back down the memory lane as recalled by one of the senior citizens, “When we were young, early morning Church Bell was rung and it was with its sound that we use to match our walking pace so make sure that we are not running late for our work. It is a good initiative that now we are able to hear it again, I wish our past glory was maintained or restored a long time back”, says K. Kumar, a retired Government Employee.

God never gives someone a gift they are not capable of receiving. We all need to understand whatever HE bestowed upon us throughout the year not only made us strong but even wiser. Everything you live through helps to make you the person you are now. With the spirt to rise again and never give up, we wish each one good luck to use 365 new opportunities ahead in the form of a Happy New Year ahead.


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