Ashima Sharma, Keekli Reporter, 5th July, 2015, Shimla

Day 3

festday.5.7.15insideAs it is rightly said, “All well that ends well”, the third and the concluding day at the Shimla Fest 2015 was filled with thrice the energy and amusement. The marvellous and rhythmic amalgamation of rock, sufi and head banging metal tunes was a perfect way to close down the curtains on this astounding event. The proud sponsors of this successful event were The Career Guru and Big FM. The quick-witted hosts for the event were Abha Chauhan and Anshul Kaushal.

Spectacular acoustic performances by Ravinder Khagta, Harsh Kapoor, Kritika Sood and Neha Sharma mesmerised the audience. Talking to Harsh Kapoor, who sang a beautiful original composition said, “The first time when I performed on a common stage was for a USM event, it always gives me a great sense of pride to perform on stage for their event. I sang my original composition today and through this event I got an honest audience feedback”.

Expressing her excitement, Kritika Sood says, “I have not performed in front of a live audience, which makes me a bit nervous but I am really excited as well as I have been been preparing my song since last two weeks, so I hope the audience likes my song today”.

Earsplit, popular metal band from Shimla City, played songs like Fix You by Coldplay and Chandelier by Sia, and won the hearts of all the youngsters. Anshul, bassist of the band, sharing his experience said, “One of our band members was missing today but we could not have missed performing at Shimla Fest, it is a great experience every time”.

Another upcoming young band that gave a blazing performance was NH22, they played their original composition and some other heavy metal tracks including a famous song by the band As I Lay Dying. Other rock bands included Rudra and Kendraka from Calcutta.

The highlight of the event was the performance by Hip Pocket, a classic rock band. The extraordinary quality about the band was that all the members of the band were above 50 years of age. Their performance reminded the audience of the bygone era of The Beatles, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Pink Floyd. They played all time hits like Hey Jude, Another Brick In The Wall and Shot The Sheriff.

The face of USM, Saurav Chauhan along with his crew was able to carry out yet another successful event with sheer dedication and disciplined organization and lots of hard work. At the end he promised the audience to be back again next year to make the Shimla Fest bigger and better.

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