North Oak Public School

Ritanjali Hastir, Associate Editor, 30th November, 2018, Shimla

Students of North Oak Public School, Sanjauli, presented a wonderful show of creative talent as they presented their annual exhibition here today. The exhibition came as a big surprise to parents as well all  as they for the first time saw the hard work and combined efforts of the students and teachers of the school.

North Oak Public SchoolSpeaking on the occasion School Principal Namita Lal said, “This is our first year and we have tried to present the creative talent of children in the best possible way. My personal aim is to try and make sure that children finish their work in school and nothing is sent home for parents to make. This is the best way to make a child involve in the project as normally at home such work is considered time wastage and often completed by parents.”

“Exhibitions are held so that children create and enhance their skills and it is not the parent’s job to make the craft or art to be exhibited in the show”, she added further.

The best part about the exhibition was that the raw material like paper plates, cups, sticks, threads or frills; to make the various items including paper dancing dolls, diwali rockets, clocks, sailing ship in the sea, clouds, paper baskets, fishes, flower basket, mice, fruit baskets; were not at all expensive nor were these asked from parents but the school itself provided with all the raw material.

Majority of parents felt happy and satisfied as they appreciated the displayed craftwork. “I was expecting it to be a good one but never thought that it will turn out to be such a great show. As we never saw what they were making before the Big Day, so it totally took us by a pleasant surprise. I hope the trend continues”, said one of the spectators and parents of the children.

Children were seen excited to show their work to their parents and other visitors. The day ended on a happy note as junior classes said bye for the winter holidays keeping in mind a colourful memories of their creative day.


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