Ritanjali Hastir, Associate Editor, 26th December, 2019

Shimla Winters is a season apt for one to prepare the ground for the future as everything comes to rest and hence one gets an opportunity to think out of the box. Creativity knows no boundaries and to give a new horizon to the children, for the first time a filmmaking course has been introduced in the Gaiety Theatre by the Department of Language, Art and Culture as a part of their Winter Hobby Classes.

During this 15-day long workshop, students will get an opportunity to learn the art of filmmaking from a local National Award winner Vivek Mohan, currently based in Mumbai.

“It is for the first time that such a course has been introduced by the government and it’s a positive step for creating awareness among the children. In the digital world, each one wants to be a filmmaker and think that having a camera alone can serve the purpose but this interaction will give them a whole new dimension,” says Vivek.

“My intention is that I can give to my state what I have learned and explored so the journey of others is not as tough as it was for me. I believe it is my duty to pay the debt of my birth state that made me capable to learn and receive from others,” he added.

Children are shown short films right from the history of the filmmaking and are informed about the different types of films. They are being taught about different options that they can opt for while keeping films in a mind which is right from the direction, story writing, scripting, production, props and various other things that collectively make a film.

The session is being enjoyed by all as the unique interaction is making the class fun and innovative. The basic idea of creativity and thinking out of the box seems to work great as students are getting a chance to speak their mind and present their idea no matter how absurd it might sound but creatively is unique and practically justified exactly like poietic license were no rule is the rule.

Being a new form, the classes will not be extended and there will be no second batch as Vivek shared, creativitiy cannot be framed and prescribed in a way of a syllabus. It’s better to start small and succeed than to have a mob lost.

After the end of the session, we will get a chance to witness a short film made by the students, the subject of which is yet to be revealed.



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