Amiti Verma; Class 8; Loreto Convent Tara Hall; Category Classes 5-8; Winner: Second

It was a bright sunny morning on our planet ‘Earth’ my vacation were going on and I was in my hometown Shimla. Like my daily routine, I woke up at around eight thirty, brushed my teeth and rushed out of my room to drink a hot cup of chocolate milk.

I was first taken aback when I realized that my breakfast wasn’t ready in the kitchen. I was anxious and looked for parents and siblings all around, but to my surprise, there was dead silence in the house. Neither could I hear my younger sister yelling nor could I find my mother busy managing her office reports. I couldn’t believe myself and began to cry and yell in pain.

I felt that it was my fault, for the previous night I wished that my family should disappear all of a sudden and yes; it so happened. I cried for a very long time, not bothering whether I was late from my daily schedule or not. I soon decided to move out in fresh air. As I was walking, I heard a creeking noise coming from the back door of our house. I rushed out and was assure that it was trick played on me by my parents.

As soon as I opened the door, a huge bean of light fell on my eyes and I unable to see anything. My mind was muddle-headed at that time suddenly I felt as if  a huge rock came out of nowhere and struck my head. I was unconscious. The last thought which came to my mind was that now, I’m surely going to die. I was unaware of my surroundings and didn’t know for how long I had seen lying there. My unconscious brain left a blurry image of what I had seen.

When I woke up and got back to my senses, I realised that I was in a cell with strange people playing fancy trickr around me. I felt as if I knew who they were. These people had very strange looks and attire. I tried to recall those ugly faces in mind. My hands and feet went numb. I soon realised that these people resembled the so called ‘Aliens’ which I once saw in a movie.

I was yelping for help. I wanted to get out of their soon. For a long time, nobody bothered to hear me, but then, I heard footsteps, as if approaching me cell. The cell’s door opened and I saw a person walking towards me. He seemed to be the head of all ‘Aliens’ and had a similar attire. My words spluttered but I gathered the courage to ask him where I was. i could easily maks out that the head’s name was ‘ Maor’ for it was inscribed on his badge.

On hearing my question, ‘Maor’ laughed and gave me a heart shocking news. The ‘Aliens’ had invaded our planet. I was curious to know where my family members were. ‘Maor’ replied, with a gein on his face that all of them were sent to the ‘Prisioner’s Azloaban.’ I requested ‘Maor’ to not cause any harm to my family.

‘Maor’ ignored my plea and I kept on weeping. My only aim in mind was to save my planet ‘Earth’. after a long pause, ‘Maor’ wrote a note on paper and even commanded his assistant to call the force. I leaned forward to see what was written and to my surprise; the letter read, ‘MISSION EARTH: CAPTURE IN A DAY.’ ‘Maor’ felt that I wasn’t successful in knowing their plan but I furtively picked up the map beneath the note. I hid it behind my back and pretended to be unconscious.

Later, when ‘Maos’ left, I unfolded the map. I could see red marks all around the ‘continents’ and was sure that all of them were under their control now. Just beneath the map, they had mentioned to leave in a space shuttle within one hour. I wanted to escape as soon as possible. I checked everywhere but there was no loophole in the ‘Alien’ management.

Suddenly, I saw a hole beneath the table where ‘Maos’ wrote the note. I bent forward and saw a bottle with a potion in it. I immediately grabbed it and stood up. The cell opened again, but this time the people appeared to be the commanders of the ‘Alien’ force. I tried to run out quickly but the commanders were powerful.

At that very moment, the bottle dropped from my hand and the potion fell on the floor. It had a very strong smell and when I looked around, I could see the commanders fainting. Taking benefit of this, I ran out of the cell. I could hear a red buzzer beeping loudly. I was confused with the path, but somehow managed to hide behind a door. I unfolded the map and was desperately looking for a clue.

While checking the second time, I noticed a small star on the map. It was shining brightly. I gently pressed on it. The star moved on the map, as if creating a path and guiding me to an unknown place. The star stopped and gleaned where I was sitting. I decided to follow this path. The path was strange but safe too. I had to first pass through a pipeline, which wasn’t easy. I somehow managed to cross this hurdle.

At the end of the last pipe, I had to jump in a hole. I bounced with a sheed and swirled around a hoopla, Like structure. I finally landed in a very noisy area. I grabbed the map quickly and looked around. I could see people, yes the people of our earth. all of them were enclosed in cages. I looked for my parents and was successful in finding them. I narrated the whole story to my father and handed him the map. My father informed me that all the cages were closed by a spell written on a key.

I searched for the key everywhere but wasn’t able to find it. The people were looking at me as if

I was the only hope for them. I was distracted continuous my sister she was trying to hide something in her hand. I snatched it from her and the key was there. I was overjoyed and banded the key to my father. He tackled cautiously and was successful.

All the cages opened and we ran out of the exit door. As soon as we came out all, we should see the alien force petrified. All of them headed towards the space shuttle which disappeared within the blink of an eye to our neighbouring planet ‘Mars’.


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