Keekli Charitable Trust

Little Feet, Big Strides!

KEEKLI is a vision for a better tomorrow. The webzine and the monthly bilingual newspaper that started with a simple aim of providing a platform to the children of Shimla to showcase their talent, has progressed by leaps and bounds in a span of only three years.

Keekli is a promise that is made for the upliftment of education, health and social welfare. Keeping in tow with this tradition, KEEKLI CHARITABLE TRUST has been established with the aim of working towards the education of children in the city and contributing towards other sectors such as public health, women empowerment and social welfare schemes.

We hope to set up medical camps for the needy and contribute maximum towards the two main sectors that ensure progress — education and health. The TRUST aims at bringing parity to these sectors so that the best is reaped by all individuals in the state. A beginning has been made and we hope to build on with your support.


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