Poetry - Loreto Convent Tara Hall Shimla

Ritanjali Hastir, Associate Editor, 29th March, 2019, Shimla

Do not recite words just to prove to yourself and others that you know and love, instead, put truth in your every word and action, and always let your conscience steer and guide you!

No matter how you were taught by your teacher about how to recite a poem, it is impossible to wear your teacher’s smiling face to the stage. You got to put on that smile. Students of Loreto Convent Tara Hall, Shimla, presented a wonderful Hindi Elocution from Classes VI to X by putting their best foot forward.

Poetry - Loreto Convent Tara Hall ShimlaStudents from different classes and houses presented poems from various poets that range from various emotions, right from patriotism to satire, dowry to pangs of separation of a child from his martyred father.

Each student had perfect facial expression that gave each poem a picturesque quality that one could have easily imagined the plight and ecstasy of the poet. Recitation forced all to contemplate the situation at hand and as think about the possible way out from the particular.

Poetry - Loreto Convent Tara Hall ShimlaPoems included “mujhe sarkaar bnane do” – a satire to depict the corruption and how far one can go to gain power in the political world. “Samay”- a poem making one reflect upon the significance of time as we all think that we are here forever in this world and keep pushing import things away. “Such hai mehaz sangharsh he” – another remarkable piece showing that to each situation there is always your point of view, then my point of view and in the end it’s the right point of view which comes only after hard work and too much struggle. Often we consider that we are right but in the end it is all about struggle and survival of the fittest.

“Mohe paap ka bhog mat banao papa”- reflected on women’s predicament where for some she is considered as a commodity or liability depending upon the position one stands in. For dowry people are eager to make her part of their family but when it comes genuinely to accept her as human being she is given a cold shoulder.

Poetry - Loreto Convent Tara Hall Shimla“Aao aisa hindustaan bnaye” – advocated a nation where all religions flourish without any hate.”Kate haath” – dealt with the problem of unemployment. Youth inspite of being educated and skilled still cannot make his mark due to corruption.

“Veero ka saman” – inspired all to understand and respect the sacrifice made by our soldiers and “Insani kute” – forced to contemplate on human’s and their cruel, unjust ways of life to meet their personal interests. It showed how corruption had taken deep roots in the society and controlling the damage is very difficult but we all can still strike while we still have time. (CLICK TO SEE ALL VIDEOS)

Judges for the day included Dr Shobha Rani, Assistant Professor, HPU Shimla, Dr Inder Jeet Singh Govt College Sanjauli and Ms Neelam, Hindi Teacher from St Edwards’ School.  All of them were pleased with the presentations and enjoyed themselves. They appreciated and encouraged students to keep their Hindi strong too as being a mother tongue one should not forget their roots.

Results for the competition were Class VI – Tulip 6 first, Lily and Rose tie at second place.

Between Class 7 and Class 8 – 8 Lily first, 7 Lily second.

Between Class 9 and 10 – 9 Rose first; 10 Lily second.



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