Ritanjali Hastir, Associate Editor, 10th May, 2019, Shimla

Logic only gives man what he needs, but magic gives him what he wants and what a child can want other than being happy and cheerful. Same happened with the students of Awesome Play School Panthaghati, Shimla, who had a magical day with H.G. Ley’s captivating magic tricks.

“For a child, everything is a magic and what I did today just added to their fancy. My main objective is always to make sure that my tricks are not only entertaining but also have an educative value. It is very important to make learning a playful activity so that the young minds don’t shy away from it and learn new things effortlessly,” says Ley.

A total of 50 students enjoyed the show that offered them endless fun and amazements. Some of the tricks that made the day of the children were the talking monkey Pinky – a puppet that talked to the little ones and gave them valuable lesson of life on kind behaviour and along with sense to decide between the right and wrong. Other tricks included taking out flowers from an empty paper bag and multiply them. Fish trick also captivated all.

School Principal Ruchika Pal said that it is important to include fun and playful activities in the school curriculum to make the kids learn more efficiently. By using the means of magic, what children learn today, is registered for quite a long time. The day ended on a positive note where children were happy and all set to talk endlessly about their experience with their teachers and parents.


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