Keekli Bureau, 1st Decmber, 2019, Shimla

The Vedica Scholars Programme For Women launched the Young Women’s Leadership Immersion (YWLI), a two-week summer school for undergraduate women enrolled in universities around the world. This first-of-its-kind programme focuses on gender, understanding the self and diversity in India.

The programme is carefully crafted to equip its participants with tools to navigate their personal, social and professional journeys in a confident and sensitive manner. YWLI seeks to offer young women a critical perspective on the world’s largest democracy with a focus on its socio-political nuances. The course will provide them with a platform to articulate their personal vision and leadership style, become critically aware of their unconscious biases, master intercultural communication and networking while learning from a cross-cultural peer group and explore narratives of change at an early stage in their professional life.

The programme has been created by the Vedica Scholars Programme for Women, whose mission is to build a cadre of successful women professionals for the future. YWLI’s unique module will not only provide young women with the opportunity to reach their fullest potential and be at the forefront of leading change, but will also assist Vedica in leveraging the importance of diversity for a better world.

The programme will be guided by our illustrious advisory panel of women leaders from across the globe such as the Dean of Sprott School of Business Dana Brown, Former Principal of Sanskriti School Gowri Ishwaran, the former Principal of the Lady Shri Ram College for Women Meenakshi Gopinath as well as the Founder and Dean of Vedica Scholars Programme for Women, Anuradha Das Mathur.


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