Get Real Mommy

‘S’ inserted the key in the ignition and put the car on gear one. Slowly she proceeded out of the school gate. The rear-view mirror showed images of her three children (thirteen, eight and five) who she had just dropped to school after a ‘three-month-long’ vacation. It had been a holiday primarily marked by Capital for Discipline.

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Forever Young

I write to you to talk of your untold and invisible loads, that I think, heavily weigh you down. Sometimes I wish I could carry them for you. In those moments I rush to give you a hug, but mostly I feel you are unwilling to pass them on to me. Maybe because you love your daughter so much that you never want her to go through the oppressive demands of life.

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There isn’t ENOUGH Salt in the Curry…

There isn’t enough salt in the curry

Or, oh! It’s just a little too much.

You’ve put on a few kilos

Or,oh! Lost a little too much.

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Dhokha (Betrayal)

My eyes drifted to the right and a not-so familiar face greeted me. Sitting behind the counter in a skull cap, was a young man who couldn’t have been more than thirty.

“Fresh vegetables for sale. Why don’t you try these peas- straight from the farm?”

“Really?” I said. “They do look nice…you are new in town, aren’t you?”

“Ji, I just moved in to start business here.”

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Craving (Hiraeth)

What’s that one yearning that makes your heart ache? When I came across #Hiraeth (Welsh) I knew that here was a single word with countless layers, expressing all my longing and nostalgia for the places I once lived in. They were never my destination. Strange it is, that at my last port of call today I long to cruise to these lands once again. Is it, as they say, that your journey is the destination you are looking for?

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There is a baggage we unknowingly carry inside our hearts. An unwanted guest who piles on. If you have such a visitor in there, it’s time to let go!

Do you cringe at the mere mention of a name?

Ever wondered what makes you knit your brows every time you see that matronly dame.

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‘A’ for April Fools’ Day!

As I begin my maiden journey on #Blogchatter’s AtoZ Challenge, I wish for more happiness and more laughter in the World today. And though, the history of April Fools’ Day is varied and isn’t necessarily meant to celebrate cackles, I have always seen it as an opportunity to make people laugh. Hoping you do have a date with laughter today, here is how the expression changed for me over years and time…

Back in the ‘80s and ‘90s, when I was as yet not a ‘thinking adult’ there were some comedy shows that would be aired on TV. They had some assumingly funny situations that would be followed by pre-recorded sounds of people laughing in the backdrop. These spasmodic guffaws always amused me. I also wondered at the amount of rehearsal that went into getting that perfectly orchestrated sound.

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