Keekli Bureau, 30th November, 2019, Shimla

A beautiful and fascinating picture of creativeness and imaginative ability of little artists could be seen in an amazing display of items exhibited during the North Oak Public School’s Art & Craft Exhibition. Dr Kimi Sood, Shimla MC Councillor graced the occasion as the chief guest who was warmly greeted by the Director Principal Namita Lal and the students.

An array of paper craft including, flowers, pots, diyas, animals of all sorts, butterflies, fish to Christmas and Deepawali objects were displayed. Other themes covered in the exhibit were traffic lights, animals world, water world, the world of Dinosaurs, turtles as well as gas balloons that all added variety and colour to the show. The most interesting part was that simple and day to day things such as plastic bottles, paper plates, cotton, silver foil, paper cups, bowls, etc., were used. (CLICK TO SEE ALL VIDEOS)

Chief guest Dr Kimi was delighted to see the wonders little hands could do and appreciated the efforts of the teachers for their untiring efforts. She said, “Emotional IQ is equally important as intelligence IQ for children, children should be encouraged through art sensibitly which is for their betterment, as happy children are the most beautiful thing in the world.” She further added that it was an overwhelming experience and I am glad to see that the children made all the craft items by themselves in the school. This is the actual and true way of learning and showcasing their creativity. She also added that creative talents in children should be groomed and this could work wonders when sky is the limit for such creativity.


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