Tanishq Prakash, Class 9, DAV Public School, New Shimla

Let me cry but let me try,
Let me be your night sky,
Let me touch your fragile side,
The one from the world you hide.

Let me hold on to your emptiness,
And let me clean up all your mess,
Let me love you to the moon and back,
And my love still will lack.

Let me do what you did for me,
Your weaknesses let me see,
Let me be your shoulder to cry on,
Let me be your rising dawn.

Let me be your setting sun,
See me, embrace me don’t run,
Let me hold you the way you hold me,
In my arms I want you to be free.

Let me please love your imperfections,
I want to touch them, feel them all at once,
Let me see your vulnerability,
I won’t shame nor would I pity.

Let me too do my part,
The way you do yours with such an art,
Let me too protect you,
About your problems let me have a clue.

I know I am a part of you,
But let me make you mine too,
Let me know when I’m needed,
And let me heed the way I was heeded.

Let me love you with all my might,
For you let me cross any height,
Let me be your only hope,
When you see no other scope.



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