Ritanjali Hastir, 30th May, 2015, Shimla

regal-story.30.5Once Isaac Bashevis, the famous singer said, “What a strange power there is in clothing” and something similar was experienced in the Fancy Dress Competition of the Regal Public School held at Kali Bari Hall Shimla here today. While informing about the competition the faculty informed that as per the part of regular annual event this competition was organized for the students. The main objective was to develop a spirit of participation, confidence and promote public orator-ship among the little ones by removing their stage fright.

Parents were present in large numbers on the occasion as it was a matter of great pride and honor to watch their children perform on the stage. As most of them said, it seems like yesterday that they took their first step and today here they are on stage performing and winning the hearts of all. It was a cute and heart-touching act and we all hope that all the children grow up to be finest and best in their future.

During the competition children from different sections gave performance as listed below:

regal-story230.5Pre Nursery (Tom) – Khyaati Aggarwal as pencil; Vnayak Thakur as jungle boy; Ayan Sood as superman; Yashisa as eye; Sai as doctor; Vivaan Sood as junk food; Daksh Singh as Nepali boy; Tanisha Sharma as teddy bear; Shreyasi Sharma as butterfly; Viraj Verma as spider; Yashi Sharma as guitarist and Alicia Rana as blood drop.

Pre Nursery (Jerry) – Aarvi Rana as Himachali girl; Samanyu Bansal as Narad Muni; Panshul Chandel as Chotta Bheem; Raghav Rana as pomegranate; Akshra Thakur as traffic light; Vyaan Kapoor as Salman Khan, Drishya Sood as joker; Aradhya Aggarwal as pepsi; Ananya Thakur as ATM; Daksh Diwaan as chef; Kaishi as Krishna; Adit Thakur as Modi; Naman as Punjabi and Sthitpragya as maggi.

Pre Nursery (Mickey) – Arunima Shahi as dustbin; Sunny Sood as magician; Asawari Sood as clock; Swarit Aggarwaal as tiger; Maanya Singh as honey bee; Jahaan Jaswal as aeroplane; Ananya Sood as carrot; Bhabya Grover as Punjabi girl; Ishana Sethi as Snow White; Harsh Sharma as Ganesh; Aradhya Krir as Jhansi Ki Rani; Kanav Verma as farmer; Shivan Chaudhary as police man; Smiriti Sharma as judge and Reyansh Negi as Kinnauri boy.

Pre Nursery (Donald) – Atharv Chuhan as cigarette; Vrinda Chaudhary as Mary Kom; Prannaya Singh as dharti mata; Ridhi Mahajan as Kashmiri girl; Tanisha as Meera Bai; Anannya Thakur as mermaid; Vani Khanna as taekwondo; Sanna Gupta as pollution; Shreya Singh as letter box; Anvesha Sharma as Malala; Jarul Mehta as Japanese girl; Arya Lakhanpal as fruit seller, Vihaan Rajta as Nehru; Evan as toothpaste and brush; and Shaurya Prashar as garbage collector.

Nursery – Rishit Bhardwaj as army man; Adhya Aggarwal as save girl child; Prachi Sood as Radha; Navnee Jagotra as peacock; Araya Gupta as witch; Aradhya Gupta as banjara girl; Agreema Puri as water; Trisha Sood as Dhulhan; Niatyant Sood as robot; Samridhi Sharma as earth; Sanvi as apple; Sukrit Sood as omnist; and Trinavh as tree.

Kinder Garden – Devandi as sunflower; and Malaika as Bharat Mata.

The day ended on happy note as the tiny tots walked out of the hall as a winner overcoming their stage fright and much more confident than they were before.

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