Jyoti Rana (HAS), Assistant Commissioner Shimla / additional charge as CEO cum Secretary, Workers Welfare Board, HP

  1. How do you define yourself – An inquisitive soul in pursuit of following the wonders of life!
  2. Have you discovered yourself – The quest is on.
  3. How do you balance work and life – Work is a part of life making it more meaningful… but there is much more to life… maybe balancing out all the facets is also a work in itself.
  4. A dare quotient (Anything you would dare to do or say!) – I Believe, therefore I AM!
  5. Life lessons learnt – Success or prosperity never bring happiness… only kindness or love does.
  6. Your driving force – God and Family.
  7. Success / failure (what it means to you?) – Success is never ending… failure is never final… Most success stories are based on repeated failures… provided one doesn’t give up.
  8. Three things no one knows about me – In fact, not really is there anything which is secret… as such… But very few people know that I am a keen astrologer.
  9. My most over-used term – No One is You… That is your power.
  10. New things I learnt from my kids – Handling Gadgets… and also a great lesson that no matter what happens ‘Tomorrow Still Remains’.
  11. I love to watch – Detective and suspense thrillers.
  12. Most recent book I finished reading – My Gita by Devdutt Patnaik.
  13. My first thought in the morning – It’s a New Day!
  14. Fictional place I would love to be in – There are so many real places I still have to visit… so can’t think of any fictional place.
  15. Message to peers and my readers – In a world where you can be anything… BE KIND!
  16. Feminism to you is – Being yourself… Being strong… Being beautiful in the real sense!
  17. Women empowerment to you means – Women are already power personified as they have the power to create… To give birth… Empowerment to me means freedom to take one’s own decisions.

(Add ons: Her previous postings were as SDM Nahan and SDM Manali. Before joining the government services I was a model. I have won the Miss Chandigarh 1993, Miss North India 1994 and was a finalist in the Femina Miss India 1996 contests. I have even worked for Designers JJ Valaya, Ritu Beri, Hemant Trivedi among others. I am married to an Army officer and am blessed with two children, a daughter 14 years old and a son who is 11. I have been awarded with the Himachal Shri and Rajbhasha Samman.)



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